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Do you want someone who can stand with you through all those challenges of achieving your health and fitness goals??

Imagine having your own personal trainer who inspires you, motivates you and applauds you through every progress. All things fitnez offers a team of brilliant personal trainers headed by Nigeria’s number one celebrity fitness trainer ( Mr Physique Nigeria ) Kaycee Nma. You will be surprised how quickly you can reach your goals while having fun the whole time.





Why should you opt for a personal trainer?


It has been proven that people who train with a personal trainer get better and faster results. This is due to their specialist knowledge, high level of motivation, and the ability to push you psychologically and physically to achieve more than you could on your own. A personal trainer enables you maintain consistency which brings accurate and fast results.

Allthingsfitnez has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals, personal trainers who can help you get there faster; so if you are just too busy and your schedule is too tight to fit group training, or you just need that bit more of more support and motivation, then an All things fitnez personal trainer is for you.




 Other Training Options                                 



                                    ONLINE TRAINING


The online training programme was established to meet the needs of clients who want a fit and healthy lifestyle but are maybe far away or too busy for personal or group training. This programme brings fitness training to you, all you need is a mobile phone and an internet subscription.

You can subscribe to any of the online training classes below:





This program as the name implies is designed to help women get a fit and curvy body shape. It delivers a meal plan, work out plan, tips and tricks, work out videos and voice instructions on how to effectively go through the program and come out with remarkable results.





This is a unisex online training programme which aims to

deliver fitness training at your comfort edifice; all you have to do is have an internet connection. It also operates via administering a meal plan, workout plan and videos, tips and tricks, and voice instructions periodically. This program assures full weight loss, a fit body, and perfect healthy lifestyle.

The Allthingsfitnez Online raining programme is efficient, effective, and fun as it also enables interaction among clients through weekly, monthly and quarterly challenges where winners are rewarded. This reward aims to further motivate other members of the online training community.


To subscribe to Allthingsfitnez online training programme, please call us using the link placed on the top right corner of this site or use the contact us page provided herewith.


Subscription Fees:


N3000 ---------- 1 Month

N5000 ---------- 2 Months (Saves you up to 16.7% of the actual rate)












Get trained by Nigeria's No.1 celebrity fitness trainer!

─ Health Fitness tips you never imagined before


─ Ever effective Meals Plans


─ Workout Plans


─ Tips and Tricks


─ Video Intructructions