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MeanTrainer's Club

MeanTrainer's Club

The MeanTrainer’s club is an online training program with over 600 members from different parts of the world, majority of who are Nigerians. In the last three years we have successfully trained over 10,000 people.


Our Head coach and C.E.O. Nma Kaycee, also known as the MeanTrainer (Nigeria's #1 Celebrity Fitness Trainer), created this program to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals in the most convenient and cheapest way possible.


  • As a member you will be added to one of our whatsapp support groups and you will get the workout plans, videos & meal plan from the group every week and you can train at home and at your free time

  • Our workouts don't need equipment so you don't need a gym. You can workout anywhere.

  • You also get to chat with other members... 

  • We also answer your fitness questions in the group.

Subscription fees



N5000/2months (save 16.7%)