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Last year we successfully ran the first two seasons of the Meantrainer's weightloss challenge with Mrs Debbie Ndubisi as the winner of season 1 and Miss Chichi Fostina as the winner of season 2. Season 3 is about to commence and it's simple;


All contestants would submit their current statistics and photos holding a dated newspaper. You will get a diet and workout plan for the entire month. The person with the best Transformation after 30 days will be featured and will take home the GRAND PRIZE of N200,000!


●Weekly assessment
● 30days Workout plan
● 30days meal plan
●Chat-room and support group
●Chat sessions with the MeanTrainer (he will address any questions or issues you may have)
●Entry fee - N5,000


1st place – N200,000
2th place – Free Entry into the next challenge
3th place – Free Entry into the next Challenge

Registration, for the Meantrainer's weightloss challenge season 3, has commenced and it ends on the 3rd of August 2017.

The challenge starts on Monday, 6th of August 2017. 

There are limited slots available as there is a limit to the amount of people we can effectively manage at once, so if u are interested join now!